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Register A Personal Hosting And Domain Name

You probably reading this post is because you are well thinking of starting a blog and purchasing a domain for your blog.

There are plenty of hosting providers promote cheap domain registration or free domains which i don’t recommend them.

I will guide you here step by step how you should get a domain for your blog.

So let’s get started.

Things to know before getting a domain

First of all, the price for a domain is cheap as this will be use for for long-term which most likely about one year or more. However, you may need to renew it after a year or two which depends on how long you signup. You may keep as many domain as you like.

What will be the best domain name?

This is the exciting time where you get to choose your own domain name. I definitely love it.

However, until now, most of the best possible domain name are already taken. Before jumping into it, remember to consider by yourself the name you wanted it. Below are a few of the tools that can help you in finding the available domain name.

Remember, get one which catchy, easy to remember and unique.

The domain name you selected with be use to identify your own business. Hence, you should not think loosely or else you may have to change the domain name again.

Where to purchase the domain?

There tons of places where you can purchase your domain, however do keep in mind that domain name come with hosting for you to create blog. Is best you would get hosting provider which come with good customer service and does not scam your money.

So, hurry and grab your’s before it is taken by others!

How yo buy a domain name?

  1. Go to SiteGround domain name homepage 
  2. Type your domain name and check does it available
  3. Pick a plan for your domain
  4. Fill up all your details

If you have any problem you encounter, do call the customer service for help.

If you need help in settling up a domain name or blog, send me an email to seekweng@gmail.com, and I’m more than happy to help you.

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