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Complete WordPress Installation Guide

Click to Auto Install

WordPress was introduced in year 2003, since then until now, WordPress is the world best blogging platform. A content management platform that would be ease of use, elegant and can be customize accordingly.

WordPress is an open source project which supported by developers from across the globe. It can be use freely by everyone be it individual or organizations.

Installing WordPress would be super easy. This can be done within five minutes when using installation wizard feature in web host.

Installing WordPress Using An Automated Tool in Web Hosting

Do not be alarm even if you have little knowledge in this area. Web host providers have servers around the world and they can host millions of domain names and applications. Hence, sharing website with other web hosting owner allow you to have a reasonable cost. You may get around $10 per month for most web host provider.

SiteGround Is The Official Hosting Provider For WordPress

SiteGround is one of the selected official web host provider. WordPress user who subscribe to SiteGround is able to get $3.95 per month.

Since SiteGround is the official web hosting provider, and is highly recommended. Now let’s look into the WordPress installation part. Just follow steps below:

  1. Setup a hosting account with SiteGround
  2. Login to SiteGround and access to control panel page
  3. Find the auto installer section and click on ‘WordPress’ then there will be a page that you may need to fill up the admin email, username and password
  4. click the ‘Confirm’ button and the installation will be completed after few minutes .
  • Do not close the page while the process of installation is still going on. This helps you to know when the installation is finish or fail.

Post WordPress Installation steps

You are few more steps away to begin the fun, be patient.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin page
  2. Look for ‘Settings’ and click on ‘General’
  3. Change you site title, tagline and time zone
  4. Install WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. This will improve your web performance and SEO by reducing download time
  5. Install Akismet, this plugin will help to filter out the spam you receive everyday.

You can spend some time explore more plugins which can be a helpful tool for your content writing, social media, backup, analytics and more.

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